Implants – Fixed Bridges & Dentures

This lady presented with failing and missing teeth in both her Upper and Lower Arch. She had suffered many years of ill fitting dentures which not only restricted the function of eating a normal diet but also restricted her Smile. Following necessary treatment prior to placement of Implants in both the upper and lower arch we were able to support fixed Teeth. This not only transformed this patients life but made the function and smile of this patient return with confidence.

This Gentleman had failing Upper Teeth which required Extracting. Implants were placed and Abutments attached to enable a Fixed Denture to be fitted. This Fixed Denture enabled the Gentleman’s Palate to be clear of Acrylic, which meant he was able to enjoy the taste of his food. It also restored his ongoing concerns of being a Denture Wearer, there would be no movement or the use of Fixative. We also constructed a Lower Partial Denture to complete this restoration.

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